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      1. Adhering to the belief of quality first, the company has passed ISO, HACCP, BRC and other certifications, and its products are guaranteed. In the future, we look forward to cooperating with customers, sharing resources, and achieving a win-win situation in the market.


        Our advantages

        Quality Assurance
        The main algae products have passed HACCP and ISO9001 system certification, the products can be sold all over the world, and the food safety has the highest guarantee
        Selected raw materials
        The raw materials of the products produced by the company are made from the algae dishes from the pollution-free sea area of Shandong Peninsula, which are well-processed, and their taste is unique and delicious.
        market oriented
        Our geographical advantage, the company has established a professional R&D team, and constantly develops new products according to market needs

        Many kinds to meet your taste buds requirements

        News information